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           After Moses’ attempt to free his people failed, he fled to the land of Midian to escape from Pharaoh. He became a Shepherd. According to Bible Scholars, Moses served as a Shepherd for 40 years. The deliverer of men was tending sheep for significant years of his life, Exodus 3v1.

The question was not whether Moses was the promised deliverer for the Israelites. He had been chosen for this purpose. The question was whether he was prepared. It was a question of time and seasons. In as much as it is crucial to be called for an assignment, it is also critical to be ready for the task. Jesus had to be groomed for 30 years for His destiny of saving mankind from the power of sin.

The place of preparation is a place where our character is shaped. You cannot lead sheep for 40 years without learning to be humble. There are certain character flaws, attitudes and habits that will frustrate Heaven’s Agenda for us. We need time to do away with such factors. We need time to cultivate godly attitudes. We also need time to develop the skills required for the fulfilment of destiny.

We need faith and patience to enjoy the best from the Waiting Years. Circumstances don’t usually align with God’s Word during this time. However, we need to trust God’s Heart when we can’t see His Hand. We also need patient to work at Heaven’s pace. Scripture assures us that God ensures that all things work together for our good and that He makes all things beautiful in His time.

The silent years are preparing you for your best days.

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