I once heard of the account of a woman whose mother committed adultery. She became bitter against her mother and promised herself she would never repeat her mother’s mistake. Unfortunately she ended up doing the same thing she hated her mother for doing.
I strongly believe the lady repeated her mother’s because she failed to forgive her mother. We have every tendency to be guilty of what we detest in our parents if we don’t release them in our hearts. How many times have we heard of the man who promises to never lay a finger on his wife and yet does exactly what his father did? Resentment creates a cycle of failure from one generation to another.
A pattern of failure in the family is just one of the several results of bitterness. Bitterness also succeeds in sabotaging our relationships. When we carry the baggage of resentment from our past relationships, we end up treating people with bitterness. A lady who is resentful against the men who were unfaithful to her will draw the conclusion that all men cannot be trusted. Her future finance will bear the brunt of her bitterness. The man with the purest intention will be frustrated by her attitude.
We have to let go of every ounce of bitterness against those who have hurt us. Someone said resentment is a poison we take hoping it will kill the other person. Nobody is worth ruining your life over. Releasing those who have hurt us is a task we cannot achieve on our own. God offers us help in the form of grace to do so. Cry out to Him for help to let go. Let go of the hurt. Let go of the pain. Let go of the bitterness and resentment. Embrace the beautiful life forgiveness offers you.


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