What if I fail?

What will people say?

What does the future hold for me?

With these and other unanswered questions,

It creates ineptitudes out of the competent.

It breeds ingrates out of people who should be grateful.

It inhibits the unlimited potential of the talented.

It dulls the vision of pioneers.

Making them blind,

To the wealth of opportunities around them,

When all they can see are problems.

It frustrates the initiative of the persistent,

By making them believe they are helpless.

What if

Fear only possesses the power we relinquish to it?

What if we can choose

To believe we were made to succeed?

Not to be driven by what people say,

But to live by the words of our Maker,

To see a beautiful future,

Then fear would lose its power over us.

We would be fearless,

Fearless to be everything we were meant to be.


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